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Pocket Folder Paper Stock

Choose from 47 different paper stocks for your custom presentation folders. Available in standard white, classic, designer, or premium. Please note that any color printed on paper other than white may appear a different shade. Due to differences in monitor settings, colors represented on your screen may not be accurate.

Classic Papers

An economical group of paper options, your custom pocket folder will look upscale and rich, but easily fits within your budget. All of our Classic Paper Stocks are 12 pt. coated one side unless otherwise noted.

  • Ivory gloss paper stock

    Ivory Gloss

  • Red gloss paper stock

    Red Gloss

  • Blue gloss paper stock

    Blue Gloss

  • Burgundy gloss paper stock

    Burgundy Gloss

  • Green gloss paper stock

    Green Gloss

  • Black gloss paper stock

    Black Gloss

  • Green marble paper stock

    Green Marble

  • Burgundy marble paper stock

    Burgundy Marble

  • Blue marble paper stock

    Blue Marble

  • Charcoal marble paper stock

    Charcoal Marble

  • Silver metallic paper stock

    Silver Metallic

  • Blue metallic paper stock

    Blue Metallic

  • Green metallic paper stock

    Green Metallic

  • Black weave paper stock

    Black Weave 1

  • White corduroy paper stock

    White Corduroy

  • Ivory corduroy paper stock

    Ivory Corduroy

  • Red corduroy paper stock

    Red Corduroy

  • Green corduroy paper stock

    Green Corduroy

  • Blue corduroy paper stock

    Blue Corduroy

  • Burgundy corduroy paper stock

    Burgundy Corduroy

  • Black corduroy paper stock

    Black Corduroy

  • White gloss paper stock

    White Gloss 12 pt. 2

  • White dull paper stock

    White Dull 3

  • White smooth paper stock

    White Smooth 4

  • White gloss paper stock

    White Gloss 14 pt. 5

1 Black Weave is 20 pt. textured stock and can only be foil stamped
2 White Gloss is 12 pt. coated two sides
3 White Dull is 12 pt. coated two sides and 30% post-consumer waste
4 White Smooth is 100# uncoated cover and 80% post-consumer waste
5 White Gloss is 14 pt. coated one side

Designer Papers

Our selection of luxurious designer paper stocks include a variety of neutral and jewel tone felt, linen, and laid papers. Printing not available on green, blue, burgundy, or black linen and green, blue, burgundy, or black felt.

All recycled designer papers are 30% post-consumer waste.

  • White hi-gloss paper stock

    White Hi-Gloss
    12 pt. Coated One Side

  • White leatherette paper stock

    White Leatherette
    12 pt. Coated One Side

  • White laid paper stock

    White Laid
    80# Cover

  • Ivory laid paper stock

    Ivory Laid
    80# Cover

  • Gray laid paper stock

    Gray Laid
    80# Cover

  • White linen paper stock

    White Linen
    100# Cover

  • Ivory linen paper stock

    Ivory Linen
    100# Cover

  • Gray linen paper stock

    Gray Linen
    100# Cover

  • Green linen paper stock

    Green Linen
    100# Cover; Foil Only

  • Blue linen paper stock

    Blue Linen
    100# Cover; Foil Only

  • Burgundy linen paper stock

    Burgundy Linen
    100# Cover; Foil Only

  • Black linen paper stock

    Black Linen
    100# Cover; Foil Only

  • White felt paper stock

    White Felt
    60# Cover

  • Green felt paper stock

    Green Felt
    80# Cover; Foil Only

  • Blue felt paper stock

    Blue Felt
    100# Cover; Foil Only

  • Burgundy felt paper stock

    Burgundy Felt
    100# Cover; Foil Only

  • Black felt paper stock

    Black Felt
    100# Cover; Foil Only

  • Kraft fiber paper stock

    Kraft Fiber
    80# Cover

What is Felt Paper Stock?

Just like felt fabric, felt paper stock offers a rich, velvety surface with a slight nap. A a printed sheet, it is both stable and reliable for consistent performance. With felt paper, you'll get a pocket folder that not only looks great, but feels sturdy and rich.

What is Laid Paper Stock?

Reminiscent of handmade paper stock from years gone by, laid paper stock evokes a time when the presentation of your correspondence was a reflection of your status. Environmentally friendly with a pronounced texture, laid paper stock gives your personalized presentation folders a professional appearance.

What is Linen Paper Stock?

Beautiful subtle linen patterning makes this paper stock immediately recognizable. Available in a rainbow selection of pastel and jeweled tones, this paper stock creates folders that are consistent and reliable—and stand up to the harshest design critics.

Premium Papers

Recycled pocket folders look great with printed, foil stamped, or embossed personalization. Our recycled fiber papers are 80# cover stock and are made of recycled paper (30% post-consumer waste).

  • Glacier mist fiber paper stock

    Glacier Mist Fiber

  • Desert haze fiber paper stock

    Desert Haze Fiber

  • Sea spray fiber paper stock

    Sea Spray Fiber

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