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Recycled Kraft Presentation Folders

Recycled Pocket Folders

Affirm your commitment to sustainability with recycled presentation folders

  • Available in 21 recycled paper stocks, including our popular Brown Kraft paper
  • Printed with sustainable soy- and vegetable-based inks
  • Recycled folders ship in just 5–7 business days
  • Custom eco-friendly folders are 100% recyclable

And perhaps best of all… no hidden fees! And all prices for printed and foil stamped recycled folders are shown online, so you don't have to waste any time waiting for a quote. Ready to get started?

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Recycled Pocket Folder Paper Stocks

We offer 21 environmentally-friendly papers for your custom recycled pocket folders. The percentage shown is the post-consumer waste content, and the second text line is what paper group it belongs to.

  • Black Weave Recycled Paper Stock

    Black Weave
    Classic Paper

  • White Dull Recycled Paper Stock

    White Dull – 10%
    Classic Paper

  • White Smooth Recycled Paper Stock

    White Smooth – 80%
    Classic Paper

  • White Laid Recycled Paper Stock

    White Laid – 30%
    Designer Paper

  • Ivory Laid Recycled Paper Stock

    Ivory Laid – 30%
    Designer Paper

  • Gray Laid Recycled Paper Stock

    Gray Laid – 50%
    Designer Paper

  • White Linen Recycled Paper Stock

    White Linen – 30%
    Designer Paper

  • Ivory Linen Recycled Paper Stock

    Ivory Linen – 30%
    Designer Paper

  • Gray Linen Recycled Paper Stock

    Gray Linen – 30%
    Designer Paper

  • Green Linen Recycled Paper Stock

    Green Linen – 30%
    Designer Paper

  • Blue Linen Recycled Paper Stock

    Blue Linen – 30%
    Designer Paper

  • Burgundy Linen Recycled Paper Stock

    Burgundy Linen – 30%
    Designer Paper

  • Black Linen Recycled Paper Stock

    Black Linen – 30%
    Designer Paper

  • White Felt Recycled Paper Stock

    White Felt – 30%
    Designer Paper

  • Blue Felt Recycled Paper Stock

    Blue Felt – 30%
    Designer Paper

  • Burgundy Felt Recycled Paper Stock

    Burgundy Felt – 30%
    Designer Paper

  • Black Felt Recycled Paper Stock

    Black Felt –30%
    Designer Paper

  • Kraft Fiber Paper Stock

    Kraft Fiber – 30%
    Designer Paper

  • Glacier Mist Fiber Recycled Paper Stock

    Glacier Mist – 30%
    Premium Paper

  • Desert Haze Fiber Recycled Paper Stock

    Desert Haze – 30%
    Premium Paper

  • Sea Spray Fiber Paper Stock

    Sea Spray – 30%
    Premium Paper

What is “post-consumer waste”?

Post-consumer waste consists of the paper products you use and put in the recycle bin (newspapers, cardboard, mailers, etc.) that is sent back to the recycling facility and made into new paper products, like these eco-friendly folders.

Many of our recycled paper stocks also consist of "pre-consumer waste," which consists of paper scraps unused in the manufacturing process. For example, when we cut a folder out of a sheet of paper, the excess from that sheet is recycled back into a new sheet of paper.

Why are soy and vegetable low VOC inks so important?

Low VOC inks (Volatile Organic Compound) are a much more sustainable resource than petroleum-based inks. They come from very renewable resources, causing much less stress on ecosystems and native habitats worldwide.

The biggest health concern with chemical VOCs are the fumes they emit, which can, over time, cause short- and long-term health effects. By printing with soy-based and low VOC inks, we are providing a healthier workplace for our employees and a better product for you.

What's more, when it comes to making your custom recycled folders, we love using soy- and vegetable-based inks because they produce more accurate colors than petroleum-based inks. Paper printed with soy-based ink is also easier to recycle than its petroleum counterpart, which means that when your folders are all used up, they can be recycled into new ones.

How to print on environmentally-friendly paper stock

If brand consistency is one of your top concerns, then you'll want to print on any of our white recycled pocket folders. However, we think a forward-thinking, eco-minded company like yours can get away with putting their logo on any color paper stock, from smooth white stock to the popular kraft fiber paper stock. Not sure which folder color will work best for your needs? We can help you out with that—send us an email or call us at (800) 346-3063.

Kraft Paper Recycled Pocket Folder

Paper Stock: Kraft Fiber (Designer Paper Stock)
Personalization Method: 2-Color Printed Folder

Desert Haze Recycled Pocket Folder

Paper Stock: Desert Haze (Premium Paper Stock)
Personalization Method: 1-Color Printed Folder

White Smooth Paper Recycled Pocket Folder

Paper Stock: White Smooth (Classic Paper Stock)
Personalization Method: 2-Color Printed Folder

How to order recycled presentation folders online

Mini, Letter-Sized, or Legal Recycled Folders

1. Choose a Style

Mini, 9" x 12" and legal-sized folders, all with two pockets and free business card die cuts.

Printed and Foil Stamped Recycled Folders

2. Print or Foil Stamp?

Next, decide whether you want your folder printed or your company logo hot foil stamped instead.

Recycled Pocket Folder Paper

3. Select Your Paper

When choosing a style and uploading your logo, just look for the green recycled symbol.

Put your logo on a recycled pocket folder

4. Add Your Logo

Last step! Just upload your logo or enter your text. Your custom folders will ship in 5-7 business days.

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