Embossed Presentation Folders

Blue pocket folder with embossed university logo

Embossed pocket folders with your logo will make a subtle—but impressive—first impression.

Order custom embossed folders from Easy Pocket Folders and you get:

  • No set-up fees or hidden charges
  • Get your personalized quote in 1-3 business days
  • 60+ paper stock options—match your branding!
  • Quantity volume pricing on custom folders
  • FREE ground shipping on any order over $300

From photographers and legal offices to colleges and mortgage brokers, embossed presentation folders work for any business or industry. Embossing is an artistic technique that has been around for a long time, and for good reason. It's a subtle, yet sophisticated way to enforce your brand.

Learn more about custom embossed folders, then fill out our quick interest form to get your custom embossed pocket folder quote.

Embossed Folder Design Inspiration

Burgundy felt folder with university embossed logo

Paper Stock: Recycled Burgundy Felt

Recycled kraft embossed pocket folder

Paper Stock: Recycled Kraft Fiber

Small light gray embossed pocket folder

Paper Stock: Recycled Gray Laid

Black embossed presentation folder with vertical pocket

Paper Stock: Recycled Black Felt

Embossed white pocket folder

Paper Stock: Standard White Gloss

Embossed Pocket Folder FAQs

Why do I need a quote?

There are many variables that go into making an embossed folder, all of which affect the price. We don't charge a flat rate because we don't want you to pay more than you have to.

To stick to your budget, keep these things in mind when designing your folders:

  • Artwork Size & Complexity
    Your design can be large or small, but your price depends on the size of your artwork. Small, detailed artwork can cost more than small and simple because of the complex details.
  • Textured Paper Stock
    Fine details might be lost on textured papers like linen or corduroy. If your logo is complex, consider choosing either a glossy- or matte-finish paper stock.
  • Reverse-outs
    We can emboss reversed-out artwork, but keep your design free of fine details as they might not transfer.
  • Blind Embossing
    This is our most popular and affordable option. Your artwork is simply "raised" off the paper with no printing or foil stamping. All examples shown here are blind embossed.

How long does it take to make embossed folders?

Since this is a completely custom piece, please allow 7-10 days for us to make your embossed presentation folders.

Can you emboss just my logo?

Yes, and this is the most popular embossed design—the company or school logo. It's a subtle design choice, but it stands out in a sea of stock printed folders and info packets.

Are your pocket folders made in the USA?

Our folders are made in the USA of US and imported paper stock. Be sure to check out all of our 60+ pocket folder paper stocks, including 34 recycled options.

Can I emboss any folder size?

Yes. Before ordering, choose a folder style template that best suits your needs. Our 9" x 12" letter-sized folders are the most popular choice for embossed pocket presentation folders.

I need eco-friendly embossed pocket folders. What are my options?

We have a growing offering of recycled papers for your custom embossed presentation folders. Be sure to check out our recycled pocket folder paper options when designing your folder.

How do I prepare my art for embossing?

Read our artwork guidelines. Although this page is for foil stamped folder artwork, graphics for embossed pocket folders should be prepared the same way.

Is foil stamping the same as embossing?

No, and unfortunately, this is a common misconception. In short, foil stamped folders have a flat imprint. Embossed folders have a raised imprint.

When we foil stamp folders, we take one metal plate and press down on the foil film onto the folder cover, sealing the imprint in place with heat and pressure. With embossing, there are two metal plates; the bottom plate has a raised imprint and pushes the paper up, while the top plate has an inverted imprint to help keep the embossed design in place.