Pocket Folder Paper Stock Options

Pocket folder paper stock colors

Please note that any color printed on paper other than white may appear a different shade. Due to differences in monitor settings, colors represented on your screen may not be accurate.

Glossy Paper Stock

Also called coated paper, our glossy paper stock is designed to resist fingerprints and light scratches. All of our glossy papers are great for foil stamping or embossing. Printing on white paper will give you accurate colors. All glossy papers are 12pt. stock.

  • Ivory gloss paper

    Ivory Gloss

  • Red gloss paper

    Red Gloss

  • Glossy blue paper

    Blue Gloss

  • Glossy burgundy paper

    Burgundy Gloss

  • Glossy green paper

    Green Gloss

  • Glossy black paper

    Black Gloss

  • Bright orange glossy paper

    Orange Gloss

  • Bright yellow glossy paper

    Yellow Gloss

  • Purple glossy paper

    Purple Gloss

  • Pink glossy paper

    Pink Gloss

  • Green marble paper

    Green Marble

  • Burgundy marble paper

    Burgundy Marble

  • Blue marble paper

    Blue Marble

  • Charcoal marble paper

    Charcoal Marble

  • Silver metallic paper

    Silver Metallic

  • Blue metallic paper

    Blue Metallic

  • Green metallic paper

    Green Metallic

  • White corduroy paper

    White Corduroy

  • Ivory corduroy paper

    Ivory Corduroy

  • Red corduroy paper

    Red Corduroy

  • Green corduroy paper

    Green Corduroy

  • Blue corduroy paper

    Blue Corduroy

  • Burgundy corduroy paper

    Burgundy Corduroy

  • Black corduroy paper

    Black Corduroy

  • White high-gloss paper

    White Hi-Gloss

  • Glossy white leatherette paper

    Glossy White Leatherette

  • White gloss paper on both sides

    White Gloss (Covers & Inside)

Textured Paper Stock

Crafted with a subtle textured finish, this collection is perfect for foil stamping. You can emboss on all papers (except for Black Weave). Printing is available on the lighter-colored papers (White or Ivory).

  • Recycled black weave paper

    Black Weave
    20pt. Textured Stock

  • Recycled white laid paper

    White Laid
    80# Cover

  • Recycled gray laid paper

    Gray Laid
    80# Laid

  • Recycled white linen paper

    White Linen
    100# Cover

  • Recycled ivory linen paper

    Ivory Linen
    100# Cover

  • Recycled gray linen paper

    Gray Linen
    100# Cover

  • Recycled green linen paper

    Green Linen
    100# Cover

  • Recycled blue linen paper

    Blue Linen
    100# Cover

  • Recycled burgundy linen paper

    Burgundy Linen
    100# Cover

  • Recycled black linen paper

    Black Linen
    100# Cover

  • Recycled white felt paper

    White Felt
    100# Cover

  • Green felt paper

    Green Felt
    92# Cover

  • Recycled blue felt paper

    Blue Felt
    100# Cover

  • Recycled burgundy felt paper

    Burgundy Felt
    100# Cover

  • Recycled black felt paper

    Black Felt
    100# Cover

  • Gray felt paper

    Gray Felt
    92# Cover

  • Recycled white leatherette paper

    White Leatherette
    90# Uncoated Cover

  • Recycled ivory leatherette paper

    Ivory Leatherette
    90# Uncoated Cover

  • Recycled green leatherette paper

    Green Leatherette
    90# Uncoated Cover

  • Recycled blue leatherette paper

    Blue Leatherette
    90# Uncoated Cover

  • Recycled black leatherette paper

    Black Leatherette
    90# Uncoated Cover

Recycled Uncoated (Matte) Paper Stock

Smooth… but not shiny! Our uncoated paper stock is available in 11 recycled color options. These papers are great for foil stamping or embossing. Printing works on Kraft, Desert Haze, Sea Spray, or White Smooth.

  • Recycled kraft paper

    Kraft Fiber
    80# Cover

  • Recycled desert haze paper

    Desert Haze Fiber
    80# Cover

  • Recycled sea spray paper

    Sea Spray Fiber
    80# Laid

  • Recycled white smooth paper

    White Smooth
    100# Cover

  • Recycled gray smooth paper

    Gray Smooth
    100# Cover

  • Recycled black smooth paper

    Black Smooth
    100# Cover

  • Recycled blue smooth paper

    Blue Smooth
    100# Cover

  • Recycled green smooth paper

    Green Smooth
    100# Cover

  • Recycled red smooth paper

    Red Smooth
    100# Cover

  • Recycled burgundy smooth paper

    Burgundy Smooth
    100# Cover

  • Recycled pink smooth paper

    Pink Smooth
    100# Cover

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We've written an easy-to-understand paper guide over on our blog. Go give it a read to learn the details between these paper stocks.

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