How to Use Color in Pocket Folder Design

Color can be an influential aspect of design, and you likely already have a color palette chosen from your logo or brand colors. Use these tips as a guideline for using colors in your presentation folder design.

Pairing a bright color with a neutral color

If you are using a bright color like yellow or red, consider how much of it you should use. Consider the two designs below; which one would more people rather look at? When using bright colors, it's often best to use them sparingly. A little bit can go a long way, and is great for accenting your design.

Bad use of color in pocket folder design

Folder with dark logo and bright background

Pocket folder design with good color contrast

Folder with bright logo and dark background

Use contrasting colors

Colors that are of similar hues often blend together. While using colors that are similar can be a good design idea, make sure the colors contrast enough so they stand apart from one another.

A light colored logo will not show on light paper

Logo and paper color are too similar

Print light colored logos on darker colors for good contrast

Good contrast between logo and background color

Print on white paper for truest color

If consistent branding and accurate color representation is important to your company's image, you will want to print your design on one of our white paper stocks. A logo printed on some of our paperstocks like linen, laid, or any of our premium stocks will appear a different color.

Ivory Laid Presentation Folder

Logo printed on ivory laid paper stock

Colorful logo on white presentation folder

Same logo printed on white paper stock

How to make a one-color design less flat

If you are using just one color in your design, you can achieve a design with more depth by using different transparencies of your color. This technique works best when printed on white paper.

1-color printed pocket folder

1-color printed folder at 100% transparency

1-color printed pocket folder

1-color printed folder with varying transparencies

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