How to Design Presentation Folders

Tips on designing printed pocket folders and foil stamped folders

Designing a presentation folder for your business isn't difficult, but it does take some time and effort. Not sure where to get started? We've put together an easy-to-follow design checklist to help you through the process, and our presentation folder experts are here to help you out. Whether this is your first big project or you're a seasoned designer looking to brush up on your skills, these pocket folder design tips are sure to help you on your way.

Before you start, do your research

Have a vision.

Gather as much information as possible from your client or those who will be handing out these folders. Refer to their brand stylebook, ask them what colors they prefer, how they want their company image perceived, and who will be receiving the folders.

Know your audience.

Who are you selling your goods or services to? Start by defining your market by simple classifications like location, gender, and occupation. Just be careful not to base your design off of stereotypes.

Know your competition.

Visit competitor's websites and look at their promotional materials. Draw inspiration from their designs, but more importantly, figure out how your design can better connect with your customers.

Choose a finish: Print, Foil Stamp, or Emboss

See how the same design looks in three different finishes.

Printed Mini Presentation Folder. Get yours at

Printed Pocket Folders

Print your logo in one color or do a full-color design. With printed pocket folders, you can print on the front cover, back cover, and pockets.

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Foil Stamped Folders

Imprinting gives your company folders a classic look—at an affordable price. Choose from 26 foil colors to match your branding.

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Embossed Pocket Folders

Sometimes subtlety is the best way to go. We specialize in blind embossing, which is a time-tested customer favorite. Learn all about embossed folders.

Folder design tips from our graphic designers

How to put your logo on a pocket folder. Custom folders from Easy Pocket Folders.

Use your logo and nothing else

Sometimes all you need is your company logo. It's often be enough to remind consumers of your company, and has your branding built right in.

Folder style: 3-Color Printed Standard Folder

Logo Tip: If you have a colorful logo, print it on a white paper stock so it stays nice and vibrant.

Minimalist pocket folder design. Get your company folders at

Mind your color palette

You can accomplish a lot with just one or two colors. If you're stuck on how to use colors in your design, check out this handy pocket folder color guide.

Folder style: 2-Color Printed Standard Folder

Business Card Tip: Place your logo where the business card goes so that when your card is removed, your logo is still visible.

Custom Presentation Folders from

Build your design with shapes

If you want a little more than just your logo, consider adding a few shapes, like stripes to the top and bottom of the folder, as shown here.

Folder style: 2-Color Printed Standard Folder

White Space Tip: White space is a good thing. If you have a busy logo, add simple design elements so your logo remains the focal point.

Foil stamped logo on ivory laid presentation folder. 45+ paper options at

Enhance your logo with paper

Put your logo on marble, laid, linen, metallic, recycled, weave, or corduroy paper stocks. These papers are great for foil or embossed logos.

Folder style: 1-Color Foil Stamped Standard Folder

Imprint Location Tip: Download a template to see where your logo will look best. The most popular locations are centered or top third.

Leave plenty of white space in your pocket folder design. Get more design tips at

Leave plenty of white space

It's easy to go overboard when designing folders. We find it's best to keep things simple, so don't add distracting elements around your logo.

Folder style: Full-Color Printed Standard Folder

White Space Tip: If you want lots of white space on the front cover, consider moving other important information to the back cover and pockets.

Company logo presentation folder by Easy Pocket Folders.

Consider unconventional logo placement

This depends largely on the size and shape of your logo, but consider placing it somewhere unexpected—as long as it's still easily visible.

Folder style: 1-Color Foil Stamped Folder

Folder Edge Tip: Be sure to leave 1/8" between printed artwork and the folder edge (5/8" for foil stamping) so nothing important is cut off.

Don't rely on stock graphics for your pocket folder design

Don't use stock photos or graphics

Either hire a professional photographer or designer, or skip the extra artwork altogether. Generic stock artwork often doesn't represent your business.

Folder style: Full-Color Printed Standard Folder

Stock Design Tip: Custom folders are best for quotes or bids. With a stock design, your folder might look exactly like your competitor's.

How to print photos on presentation folder. Get more tips at

How to use photos in pocket folder design

Show photos of completed projects or include a professional portrait. Be sure to limit your photos to just three or four so they don't lose their impact.

Folder style: Full-Color Printed Standard Folder

Photo Tip: Professional-quality photographs will help sell your product or service, so consider hiring a photographer to take your pictures.

Include contact info on pocket folders

Include your contact information

Add your contact information in case your business card is lost. You can put it on a pocket, on the bottom of the back cover, or just a line below your logo.

Folder style: 1-Color Printed Standard Folder

Contact Information Tip: Include your phone number and website so clients have options to contact you.

Put your headshot or staff photo on your business presentation folders. Great idea for realtors.

Include a professional headshot

Put your business portrait next to your contact information. Keep it small so as not to overpower your design, but rather to accent it.

Folder style: Full-Color Printed Standard Folder

Headshot Tip: If you want a 1- or 2-color printed folder, consider printing your headshot in black and white.

How to print social media icons on a pocket folder. Get more great design tips for

Add social media icons

Are you on Facebook? LinkedIn? Instagram? Add the social icons so you can continue the conversation online. If space allows, add your handles.

Folder style: 1-Color Printed Standard Folder

Social Media Tip: You can use hashtags on pocket folders! Use trending hashtags to expand your reach. If you're hosting a convention, put the convention hashtag on the folder.

Add ratings and reviews to your presentation folder design to build trust. Get more design tips from

Instill trust with ratings and reviews

A great review can instantly increase your credibility. Include ratings or customer reviews from sites like Better Business Bureau, Angie's List, or Yelp.

Folder style: Full-Color Printed Standard Folder

Testimonial Tip: Include a brief testimonial or two on your folder. Kind words can help increase consumer trust.

Full color printed pocket folder. Get your folders at

Utilize the front and back covers

Carry a large graphic or picture from the front of your folder to the back. When using larger graphics, this helps keep your design stay balanced.

Folder style: Full-Color Printed Standard Folder

Artwork Tip: If you are supplying custom artwork, lay it out on one of our folder templates so that it is printed exactly how you want it.

Printed folders, custom document pouches, and promotional padfolios from Easy Pocket Folders

Consider other folder options

Choose from a large selection of letter-sized folders, mini folders, legal folders, document pouches, padfolios, and custom printed jotters.

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