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This is the ultimate guide to paper pocket folders. It's just a piece of paper, right? Yes, but there's a lot more to it than that. If you're a little confused about what is a pocket folder, or why we make our folders out of paper, read on. And if things are still a little fuzzy, give our friendly customer service team a call at (800) 346-3063.

What is a 2 pocket folder?

A 2 pocket folder (sometimes called a twin pocket folder) has a front cover and back cover (like a book), but also has two pockets inside the covers. On most of our folders, the pockets are glued to the outer edges and open on the inside, making it easy to slide papers in, while keeping your documents nice and snug.

What is the standard pocket folder size?

A standard pocket folder measures 9" x 12" with two 4" pockets. While this is the most popular size, we do offer 25 standard, letter-sized folder styles, which vary slightly in size, but have other features like expanded spines (to hold more documents), rounded corners, vertical pockets, or even just one interior pocket.

What size are your pocket folders?

The most common presentation folder size is 9" x 12" with 4" pockets. However, we have sizes for every need, including slight variants on our popular letter-sized folders. We also have four mini folders, including our popular Style XZ, which is just ¼" shy of being a 6" x 9" pocket folder. Then there is the legal folder, which measures 9" x 14-¼" and holds legal-sized documents—perfect for attorneys and mortgage brokers.

What is 12 pt paper? 14 pt? 80#?

These measurements describe the paper thickness, which is also known as the paper weight. These numbers help determine how sturdy that paper is. Most of our papers are 12 pt, 14 pt, 80#, or 100#. The thickness of those papers is comparable to higher-quality greeting cards.

To give you an idea of how thick the paper is, our 12 pt and 100# paper measure 0.012 inches. If you need to visualize that, if you place five 12 pt pages in a stack, they'll be as thick as a penny.

Do your pocket folders come with a business card slot?

Yes. All of our folders are priced to include business card slits on one of the pockets or the front cover. We can add more business card holders if needed, but please contact us before placing your order, as there may be additional charges for that feature.

What is Aqueous coating?

This is a clear, water-based coating that adds a little extra gloss to your folder. More importantly, it protects your folders from fingerprints, scuff marks, and dirt. We add this coating (for FREE!) on printed folders made out of any coated stock (like our glossy, marble, metallic, or corduroy papers). Be sure to check out all 63 pocket folder color options.

Why do you only sell paper folders?

Paper is a more environmentally-friendly option than plastic alternatives, like polypropylene or vinyl. It is much easier for us to source recycled paper than it is recycled plastic. Also, at the end of the folder's life, it can be recycled, whether it's printed, foil stamped, or embossed. Read more about recycled presentation folders and whether recycled paper is really more eco-friendly than non-recycled paper.

What's more, paper folders are often lighter in weight than their plastic counterparts. Lighter products mean reducing shipping costs (if you don't qualify for FREE ground shipping, that is, which applies to any order over $300).

Do you have any unique pocket folder designs?

The beauty of what we do is we make your folders uniquely yours, complete with your company logo, official branding, and custom artwork. Never designed a pocket folder before? Here are some design tips, or you can chat with our customer service team and we'll help you create a one-of-a-kind design.

Though we do have a few stock folders for businesses (see our stock printed folders or our Executive Folder), we choose to stick with completely custom presentation folders so that your business stands out among the crowd. Because if you give a client your bid folder, and it's the same design as the previous guy's, what does that say? We're here to help give your branding a boost with custom design presentation folders.

Why do you sell church folders?

We started selling stock church visitor folder designs in 2010 simply because our customers kept asking for church folders. When there is a need, we listen. We now carry church welcome folders in low-minimum foil stamped folders or printed church folders with your personalization.

Do you ship custom pocket folders to Canada?

We sure do! One thing, though: you'll have to call (800) 346-3063 or email us to place your order, as our website currently does not accept orders placed outside the U.S. We're working on it, promise.

What's the difference between Easy Pocket Folders and other pocket folder printers?

Our folders are made in the USA, right in our Illinois facility. This means we have greater quality control over your personalized, branded folders than if you had a pocket folder printer in a different country manufacture these for your business.

We take your order, set the art, send it to the production floor, and off to shipping—and we can watch it every step of the way.

Why should I use logo pocket folders as a supply item?

You never know when you might need a little extra branding. Two-pocket folders with your company logo are perfect for sending media kits, handing out at board meetings, consulting with new clients, distributing to vendors, or using as employee welcome packets.

The possibilities are endless, and having a custom branded supply item—even one as seemingly mundane as a pocket folder—helps keep our business front of mind.

Two-pocket folder, twin pocket folder
A two-pocket presentation folder. Shown: Style A (9" x 12" with two 4" pockets).
Business card slots on pocket folder
Business card slots come standard on all pocket folders—no added charges!
12 pt. paper presentation folder
Our folders come in varying paper weights, from 12 pt. (shown above) to ultra-sturdy 20 pt. paperboard—look for Black Weave under our Classic Papers.

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